19 October, 2017

Wee Spencer

Over his objections, for the benefit of his throngs of appreciative grand/parents, we're posting this note, sent to Spencer from, Professor Daryl Lee,of BYU's Department of French and Italian.

Allez ...

Works in progress

Upcomings, by SADW:


The great Sarah A. D. Winegar just got two pieces accepted into the Springville Museum of Art's annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah exhibit. Here are pictures from last night's opening reception. (Good photos by Spencer. Serviceable photos by Dad. Screen grabs by modern technology.)

What's that, there? There are some 170 art works in this exhibit. There were judges too, who awarded a first place prize, a second, two thirds, and four awards of merit. And then there were seven of this one last cool award designation.

We needn't get carried away, of course. But we can get carried away a little bit! Here's Sarah, at the start of the evening's nice reception, coming back down with her certificate.

Also, finally, here's an engraving by one of Sarah's friends/neighbours, which Sarah printed for her.

So, as mentioned, success! Let us remember, gladly, that Eric was in attendance, and Sandra and Jordan and Landon, and Mum and Dad and Spencer and Claire too.