31 October, 2014

Sarah's last home weekend as a Lady Ute soccer player

Already?!  We are looking back with joy, pride, love, and hearts not a little heavy ...

8 Seniors:

One of these things is not like the others ...

29 October, 2014

Uncle Jeff Turley is running for elected office

Throwing down the gauntlet, very mildly: http://bit.ly/1AT7q7U



Sensible thoughts about political peer pressurehttp://jeffturley4leg5.com/?page_id=48

The candidates debatehttp://bit.ly/1sEVodjhttp://bit.ly/1yI1hM7

Your vote does count! http://bit.ly/1zftugD

Locals, weighing in:

To the editor:

Over the past year, I have gotten to know Jeff Turley very well. Jeff is currently running for the Utah House of Representatives, District 5. I am writing to encourage residents who live in District 5 (some parts of south Logan, River Heights, Providence, Millville, Nibley, Hyrum, Paradise, Avon, Wellsville, and Mendon) to get to know Jeff.

I recently contacted Jeff and asked him to give me a synopsis of his stance on education, which is a topic of extreme importance to me. He responded promptly, making me feel valued as a voter. I have often felt that elected officials are not often responsive and I know for a fact that responsiveness to constituents is a high priority for Jeff.

I have now discovered that investing in children is Jeff’s No. 1 issue. Jeff has shared his experiences with me of sending multiple children through Utah’s public school system, one of which required special education services. Jeff is committed to ensuring that each child in Utah receives the services that they require to not only pass, but excel. Jeff is also committed to Utah’s institutions of higher education and he truly understands that an investment in education is also an investment in the economy and the best way to ensure equality in our nation.

When I first heard that Jeff was running for office, I asked him what motivated him. His answer was simply that he submitted his name when he saw on the deadline date that no one else was running against Curt Webb. He explained that he felt that no one should ever run unopposed for office and that everyone should have a choice in the voting booth.

Please check out Jeff’s platform and send him your questions. I have found that Jeff’s values align with mine for the most part, and even if they don’t, he will at least respond and let me know where he stands. Vote for Jeff because he wants you to have a choice and he will be responsive to your individual concerns. I am very lucky to count Jeff as one of my friends and I know he will represent folks on the south end with honesty and a sincere passion to do what is best for each resident in his district.

Brenda Smith


Herald Journal, "2 months ago" (http://bit.ly/13cqh48)

To the editor:

Utah was cheated out of its public lands when it became a state, but North Dakota wasn’t. The federal government does nothing right! Tony Grove is “just sage brush.” Utah is maintaining “its” public lands for Eastern elitists. Climate change is a liberal conspiracy. The Arizona/Mexican border is 75 percent National Wilderness, and the U.S. Forest Service is responsible for illegal immigration through Arizona. If we raise taxes on oil and gas (to match surrounding states) the oil companies would drill somewhere else.

If these comments sound familiar, well … welcome to the 2014 Utah elections. These are actual statements representative of the political nonsense that our elected representatives have inflicted upon voters as they campaign for re-election. This tactic of misrepresenting facts and ignoring history to create a scenario of self-serving fiction to play on fears and insecurities has become standard fare for political incumbents. They hide safely behind their party with a cynical confidence that no one will question their stories or their motivations. By scrutinizing campaign contributions and corporate sponsorship it is not difficult to guess the motivation behind the candidates and the rhetoric.

Jeff Turley is running for the Utah State Legislature in Legislative District 5. He is running as a moderate centralist on the Democratic ticket. Jeff is running with a firm belief that government should operate in the best interest of the people and not corporate campaign donors. Jeff brings strong sense of integrity, common sense a deep understanding of Utah, her issues and her people. Turley’s Utah roots run deep. His father, Dr. Richard E. Turley Sr., once served as director of Utah’s Advisory Council on Science and Technology while his brother, Richard Turley Jr., is the well-known Utah author and historian.

During last month’s debate, Jeff Turley emphasized a commitment to listen to and act in the best interest of those he represents. It is a simple message but a refreshing one in this time of partisan warfare and hidden agendas.  I wholeheartedly support Jeff Turley for Utah state representative.

J.S. Bushman


Herald Journal, October 28, 2014