02 July, 2015

Our missionary

A Dutch lady who lives in the States visited Sarah's ward in Dordrecht and then came back and sent us this cool picture:

Meanwhile ...

While Dad, Mum and Claire are gallivanting in Alberta, working man Matt has to spend his 17th birthday at home, all alone. With his 2nd sister and the entire neighbourhood throwing him his very own special party ...

29 June, 2015

A melancholic philosophical interlude: in which the chronicler discovers that you can't go home again

We are in the Southgate Mall.

Where is the Bay's malt shop, which was right here, for so long the home and source of the world's most exquisite cold concoction?

Where is Kelly's Record Shop, the site of so many exciting and usually ill-advised album purchases? (Not during math or chemistry or biology class, though...)

Where is the Southgate branch of the Edmonton Public Library?! Oh, Saturday afternoons, hopping on the bus to come over and go down and stay and stay here. Oh, Mammon!