17 June, 2018

The West Brompton tube stop, on the Wimbledon branch of the District Lone

Late afternoon, on the eve of our last day in London.

The Courtauld Collection

Things learned and appreciated during this most recent visit:

Matisse, bursting as usual with life and brightness.

You never know when you might need a fauvist!

Sainted Wassily Kandinsky. The first one is representational! Although, see if you can spot the Cossack in one of the others ...

Two unfinished works, by Degas and Manet. This is striking, though, and quite consoling. It looks like sometimes unfinished can still mean sufficient, even very beautiful.

From Matisse's atelier, and radiating that same happy quality.

Joyful Raoul Dufy:

Now it's the 20 year-old Picasso, putting us slothful types to shame.

Egon Shiele, taking a break from the scabrous and suggesting that we might all benefit from doing a few more drawings, once in a while.

Though we'll never be as good as M. Fragonard!